In the effort of bringing web3 to real world, we created which is a hybrid decentralized video sharing platform, all videos and images on are stored in a decentralized storing platform — Crust Network.

Crust Network offers a new solution — decentralized storage to reduce the power of… needs an explorer of storage order therefore we recently launched a low cost/ decentralized Crust Expolorer —, the explorer is completely hosted on Crust Network. Actually, Crust Network can replace centralized solution in some markets such as hosting restaurant websites, hosting company profil websites, hosting dapps (e.g. … has recently integrated the client-side placing storage order via Crust Wallet. To use this feature, please visit and install the Crust Wallet extension.

How to place a storage order on using Crust Wallet

Firstly user needs to register a Socbay account. … Official Github was started as an open-source project, the source code could be found in
The repository related to the website will be revealed later. At the moment, it’s closed because of some issues related to the website’s secret information.

Socbay’s features
The project is started on 08…

Hi everyone,

This is the official channel of on Medium.

The website is in the development process. For the next release we’re going to add more features to provide the best services possible.

If you have any feedback on the changes to the website, please contact us by sending emails to

Thank you for your time.

Socbay dev team.

Decentralized videos sharing platform

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